Beijing Original: $8.00
Specialty Hong Shao Rou( pork belly): $8.75
Tuna melt: $9.5
Monthly special ( Kung pao chicken for this month): $8.75
*All Jianbing comes with Gluten free option with $1 extra
Coffee (16oz): $3.5
Latte(16oz): $4.5
Cappuccino(8oz): $3.5
Espresso(double shot): $2.75
San pellegrino : $2.5
Coke/sprite/diet coke: $1.5
Water: $1.25

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 7.50.28 PMAbout Our Meats:
Albanese Meats is the butchershop where we get all of our supplies. The shop has been part of the lower part of Manhattan for over a century! We are trying to preserve the history! If you are around this shop, make sure you say hi to Mo! Mo has been Albanese’s butcher since 1945!
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